Partner Program

Welcome to the ActiveEdge Web School Partner Program!

Dear Prospective Partner,

Thank you for your interest in the ActiveEdge Web School Partner Program, home of the #1 web based school platform in Africa.
This is not your normal partner program. Like the software, it has been performance tuned to help you help your customers, help you sell and make you money. Below is a list of cool benefits to consider:

Highly competitive margins. Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout!LEADS. Get pre-qualified sales leads (not just names) from our team. Inclusion in the Partner and reseller map and locator – so buyers can find you quickly.FREE ActiveEdge Web School Partner Kit. N200,000 value. You can use it internally to learn the product and for your own use.

Deal Registration. Quick, easy approval, partner support and pricing Jump Start Margin.

Earn extra margin for every registered deal as you grow.

FREE product and market training.

No cost or barriers to entry.

Invitation to the partner conference.

Online Webinars to help you sell.

Monthly or one-on-one webinars.

ActiveEdge Web School gives you demos of products, you close the deal (while you also learn the Lots of  sales tools. Including a detailed competitive matrix, persuasive Power Points, market info, and more. Special promotions and recognition (we all like a little attention).

This is an active partner program. You are sure to love it.


Partnership Models

ActiveEdge Country Partner: This is an exclusive partner of ActiveEdge in the respective Country. Exclusive Partners enjoy benefits of recruiting their own resellers and also representing our brand.

ActiveEdge Resellers: Resellers are independent contractors who build their business around the ActiveEdge brand and products for a commission. Where applicable, resellers work under Country Partners.

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How can the end customer avail license for an additional purchase done?

Additional licenses can be purchased in the same manner as that of a new license.

How do I know this program is here to stay? Why should I act now?

ActiveEdge Web School created the Channel Partner program with the future in mind. ActiveEdge Web School is making significant investments, which can only be recouped over an extended time horizon. Channel Partners, especially the early joiners will be better positioned for growth, which is good for us as well as the partners.

How do I handle grievances?

Any grievances should be reported to the Partner Account Manager designated by us. If the issue remains unresolved, it may be escalated within the organization, including the Business Head of ActiveEdge Web School.

Who is ActiveEdge Web School and what do they provide?

GWPL was incorporated in the year 2013. ActiveEdge Web School is in the business of providing ERP for Educational sector. ActiveEdge Web School is a brand of GWPL

What is the channel partner program?

The channel partner program is the strategic initiative of ActiveEdge Web School towards boarding and developing the partner ecosystem which has been a part of software industry or would like to join the software industry as strategic solution and sale partner.

Who is the program for?

You can be the channel partner, if:

  • You are a business solution provider company willing to expand the horizon in the Educational sector.
  • You are a marketing/sales company and want to leverage the opportunity of providing business solution to Educational sector
  •  You are an ISV and looking forward to reaching out larger customer base with Educational sector solution.

Why would a company join the ActiveEdge Web School’s Channel Partner Program?

Participating in the program will enable channel partners to boost their revenues, reduce cost and stay in line with the marketing trends. For partners, there will be room to create a win-win situation with us.

What are the products that ActiveEdge Web School Offer?

Following are the products being offered by ActiveEdge Web School for the end customers?

  • ERP For Schools
  • ERP For Colleges
  • ERP For University
  • ERP For Skill Development Centers
  •  ERP For Coaching Centers

What will be the cost of customization?

Cost of customization will be agreed as per the merit of the case.

What if I get the enquiry of the Educational ERP?

Please report the enquiry to ActiveEdge Web School. ActiveEdge Web School along with you will work on the case and you would be compensated on the merit of the case provided.

How can I become a channel partner?

You need to apply for the program. The application will be screened and reviewed. Once shortlisted, the partner must sign the channel partner agreement with ActiveEdge Web School to start benefiting from the program.

What is the investment required for joining the program?

There is no joining fee. However, you will have to invest in team building and training, which is essential to setup the practice. Several trainings will be offered by ActiveEdge Web School free of charge at our offices and as webinars. Affiliates will have to incur expenses of travel, boarding, and lodging where applicable.

How does the program benefit the channel partner?

Channel Partner will benefit in the following ways: –

  •  Potential new business opportunities.
  • Authorization for ActiveEdge Web School’s licensing business.
  • Attractive margins on transactions
  • Sales, marketing and training support from ActiveEdge Web School.

Is there any credit terms offered for license purchase by a customer?

Payment terms will be decided on the product, implementation timelines with the customer.

Will we be able to use ActiveEdge Web School logo on our marketing material?

Yes! You would be able to use the logos certified by ActiveEdge Web School.

How can we get access to the marketing and other resource material?

We will provide you below

  • Marketing Material
  • Demo presentations
  • Training for product

Is there any credit terms offered for license purchase by a customer?

Payment terms will be decided on the product, implementation timelines with the customer.

How can we get access to the marketing and other resource material?

We will provide you below

  •  Marketing Material
  • Demo presentations
  • Training for product

Will we be able to use ActiveEdge Web School logo on our marketing material?

Yes! You would be able to use the logos certified by ActiveEdge Web School.

Can Sale Affiliates have their existing people trained or a dedicated team is required?

Existing people can be trained if they have the right background. However, a focused dedicated team would be required to build the practice

What is the training model? What is the cost of the same?

A combination of webinars and classroom trainings will be provided. A calendar of trainings will be announced for the quarter by ActiveEdge Web School.

How will my day-to-day business/operations change?

ActiveEdge Web School will typically provide:

  • A registered brand under which all channel partner will operate;
  •  Centralized marketing, sales, operations, support and training to Channel partner;
  •  Adequate field support to Channel Partner
  • Periodic business reviews with Channel Partner.
  • Channel Partner will continue to service their customers and run their businesses independently.

What will be the basis of margin calculation for the Channel Partner?

Margins will be communicated to you in the agreement. However, it might get impacted by the following:

  • Any change in the pricing model.
  • Any special discount given to customer.

Will there be the annual revenue target for the Channel Partner?

Yes, the Sales Affiliate would need to sign up to a business plan mutually agreed between us.

Are there any leads provided by ActiveEdge Web School?

ActiveEdge Web School will provide leads to the active partners based on the geography of operation of the channel partner.

Are there any regional boundaries for the channel partner i.e. will it sell only in a particular region or anywhere?

A channel partner can sell anywhere, though it is more likely to be able to sell within its area of influence.

Is it possible to lock the prospect?

Any ‘Reference’ provided gets locked at ActiveEdge Web School. For others, there is no need to lock, because of the model itself. Any exceptional situations may be discussed on a case to case basis.